Coming to Sweden - Spring 2024

Introducing an all electric premium SUV equipped with revolutionary battery-swapping technology...

510 km

CLTC range

64.6 kWh

Battery capacity

160 kW

Peak power

7.1 s

0 - 100 km/h

Full charge in 3 minutes

Forget about cord charging – battery swapping is done automatically in Drive-thru at over 1000 fuel stations across the country.

Battery swap unit installations will commence in the first half of next year at gas stations and public parking lots scattered throughout Sweden. The infrastructure rollout is led by a consortium, Infra Power Networks AB, comprising key stakeholders in the automotive, energy, oil, and battery industries, in addition to governmental bodies and finance.

*If you still prefer to charge at home, that option is, of course, available as well.

Experience safety in style

Impressive specification...

Smart parking assist


L2+ level PILOT

Driving assistance

Electric & hidden

Door handles

Integrated camera

Exterior mirrors

Artificial leather

Sport seats



Front wheel


14.6 inch HD display

Infotainment system

Innovation in focus

Packed with smart features including voice-controlled ADAS system, HYCAN PILOT driving assistance and smart parking assist.

Exclusive & minimalistic interior

Expansive comfort laid-flat design

Turn your HYCAN into a lounge are by transforming the seats to a 2-meter sofa

Entertainment cabin

HYCAN features a 10.25-inch digital combination instrument + 14.6-inch HD central touchscreen with 8 speakers and a state-of-the-art master sound system.

Coming soon...

Hycan Z03 will be available starting from just 250,000 SEK. Sign up below for more information.
AutoEnergy One AB is the general agent for HYCAN in the nordics. For inquiries contact us →
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