A game changer

Fuelmatics is a true hands-free fueling service for vehicles. It is far away from what today is offered at ”automatic stations”. While these simply offer in-app payment solutions and still have you fuel manually with a pistol grip, true hands-free automation only requires you to park reasonably close to the AFS unit and click a few times on your device. Done. The car is refueled, payment made, receipt is mailed. No getting out, opening window or performing manual labour. Doesn’t matter what weather it is. As soon as you’ve tried it, you will have adopted it. Even more, the same system can handle all types of fuels – gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, electricity and CNG with more. Fuelmatics offers an enhanced fueling experience for the customers as well as multiple benefits for the retailers.

The system is intended for implementation at all types of fueling points. It requires reduced space and is completely vapor free which means that it can be placed closer to big roads and populated areas. Fuelmatics is a game changer and will disrupt the way we think of fueling. 

True automation

True automation will change the idea of refueling forever. The general concept of our technology is to provide increased service through automation. Fuelmatics solves this with high tech equipment hand in hand with user experience. The last few years of development has completely rewritten the map for what consumers expect. New cars today have many autonomous features: they automatically connect to the driver’s phone, detects rain, assist with breaking and some even park or drive themselves. The new standard is self-propelled. Manual fueling has become obsolete. Fuelmatics offers an innovative new solution in a stale market.

Watch the system in action


Fuelmatics offers an enhanced fueling experience. It is faster, cleaner and more efficient than any existing system on the market. It is a premium service for the drivers.

Fuelmatics answers to the increasing demand for a comfortable, automated driver experience. No need to leave the car or open windows. 

Automatic fueling offers a unique business opportunity on a market with few parameters for winning shares. Each unit can handle multiple fuels.

With the Fuelmatics app you can easily pay for your fuel with the payment method of your choice on your device. Receipts are stored in the app for easy access. 

The Fuelmatics system creates a closed loop when pumping fuel (gas or liquid) and thus eliminates both spill and vapor. Even more, 99 % of the vapor can be recycled.

Fuelmatics provides several safety aspects. It reduces human error, eliminates exposure to bacteria and viruses and minimizes the risk of being robbed. 

Hydrogen compatible

Safe hydrogen (H2) fueling with Fuelmatics.

The Fuelmatics system is equipped to handle hydrogen fuel. The system communicates with the vehicle and has a communication interface directly next to the tank nozzle, which provides the Automatic Fueling System (“AFS”) with data on pressure and temperature in the tank. The refuelling line connection to the car is a so-called ‘closed connection’ meaning: No hydrogen escapes during the refuelling process – otherwise, the vehicle can not be refilled. The AFS uses a control system to ensure that the car is full, but not overfilled. As an additional safety measure, overpressure valves are installed in the vehicle tank to reliably limit the pressure. After refuelling, the nozzle and the tank hose are “depressurised”: The hydrogen is fed back to the Fuelmatics station.

Fuel-cell vehicles are specified by short refuelling times, powerful acceleration and long ranges. They enable zero-emissions mobility for the purposes of a sustainable energy transition. Mobility powered by hydrogen and fuel cells is not only a safe bet when it comes to climate protection. It’s clear that handling hydrogen requires responsible handling — after all, it contains sufficient energy to propel a vehicle at high speed.

How it works

Fueling with Fuelmatics is as easy as a tap in the app. The entire process can be monitored through your phone and takes less than 2,5 minutes.


Locate a Fuelmatics unit and park in the fueling lane next to the machine.


Open the Fuelmatics app, log in to your account and select fuel grade and volume.


The robot locates the fuel door, opens it, inserts the nozzle and starts pumping.


Once the pumping is completed green lights appear. A receipt is stored in the app.

Comparison to manual fueling

Comparison to manual fueling

Fuelmatics Manual fueling
Fueling time 2,5 min 3,5 - 6 min
Spill Eliminates all spill Every fueling results in spillage
Drive-thru Complete drive-thru solution with in-app payment Self service solution with manual fueling and payment
Safety Eliminates hazards related to human error Fires on petrol stations is common in many markets
Vapor recovery Can achieve 99% vapor recovery Existing vapor recovery stage 2 offers approx 50% vapor recovery


The Fuelmatics unit is designed with efficiency in mind. The system requires limited space and suits all types of fueling points. The units are installed similar to regular gas dispensers and are compatible with all fuel pumps. Multiple forecourt layouts are possible, one lane with two units or two lanes with two units being the most common.


The only requirement to use Fuelmatics is that the car is equipped capless system. Many modern car models have adopted a capless system that can be fueled by the AFS without modifications. Older cars can easily replace the standard cap with a speed fuel cap – the swap takes less than 60 seconds and the cap costs just a few dollars. The replacement speed fuel cap also provides the benefit of not having to undo the cap when manually fueling with a standard nozzle.

Market segments

Fuelmatics was initially developed for the petrol station but has over time proven itself in many other areas of application. The system can be implemented in car manufacturing lines, bus and truck depots, airports and rental car depots for example. There are countless possibilites. Contact us to learn more about how Fuelmatics can boost your business.


In Sweden, 62% of all gas stations are unmanned and without stores, demonstrating that selling fuel is the most crucial of all services.

When “pay at the pump” was implemented, there were similar concerns, but it was quickly demonstrated that petrol stations increased forecourt fuel sales while also increasing store sales. When the line for payment is shorter, goods buyers choose to shop inside. Customers who pay at the pump do not want to go inside; instead, they want to get back on the road.

No, the cost of this service is around 0.3 Euro cents per liter, which is not noticeable in daily fuel price fluctuations. It also barely accounts for 0.15 percent of the total cost of the fuel.

Many modern cars (Ford, Honda, with more) come equipped with cap-less fuel systems. For these cars no adaptation is needed in order to fuel with the Fuelmatics system. However, for those owners who do not already have cap less systems, the Fuelmatics Speed Fuel Cap is intended as a free gift and a loyalty binder to the customers who are attracted by the automatic service. 

An camera system together with intelligent AI software will locate the fuel lid in a fraction of a second.

Fuelmatics is a business booster. If a customer has the choice, they will always choose the best available option. The winner will be the station owner who can provide the best consumer experience. Selling fuel with Fuelmatics is a premium service. It is easy to see that premium services are increasing in demand. Fuelmatics is cleaner, faster, and more convenient, which all are variables that can be measured. Most retailers perceive the opportunity to charge a premium for this high-end service.

Fuelmatics can serve more customers per time and area. New stations can be constructured with smaller and less costly canopies when building new stations, reducing investment costs.

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